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Emailed attachments are stored as encrypted documents, locked on the blockchain.


Blockchain transactions are irrefutably provable – both the contents and post date.


All attachments are encrypted and only you have the key.

Easy retrieval

Simple download link to retrieve the file.

About us

We believe in the blockchain

The key to blockchain is the advent of “consensus algorithms”. The the mechanism that makes it provable and irrefutable as to what happens on the blockchain. It is what makes decentralization possible. Our goal is to use simple integrated solutions that make these features accessible where they provide value.

Why Use DocuChain?

Security and Simplicity. Document storage providers all have one thing in common, the requirement to have trust in your provider. Since blockchain storage is distributed, availability of your documents is guaranteed.

Use of DocuChain cannot get any simpler with no need to “login” or upload files. Just send an email and get a response with how to pay. That’s it. For enterprise users who don’t want to pay each time the option still exists to add funds to your account, allowing for single email interactions.

Unlike traditional document storage that relies on the third parties to prove who, what, when of the document, our information is on the blockchain. This means it is objectively provable (backed by cryptographic mathematics) and is present forever.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

DocuChain made it easy to differentiate my practice from the competition.

John Doe

Company name

Document storage has always been an assumed service by my clients and an area that caused me much stress.  Now I can have it handled by the BlockChain with a simple email.

John Doe

Company name

I never thought blockchain would be relevant for my practice not only does docuchain make sense, but now I am getting more clients.

John Doe

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